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IoP Platform Hypernet

Part of Hypernet IOT platform, Internet of Power helps you manage the Power Comsumption of Devices. With the help of sensors & gateways, we provide you a platform for real-time fuel monitoring, tracking, geo-fencing & an analytical engine to help you increase operation efficiency & reduce OPEX by monitoring load produced, temperature changes, location & status of devices, fuel level spike anomalies as well as Voltage generated.


Device Locations

Fuel Consumption

Drillable Reports

Load Monitoring

Fuel Pilferage Alerts

Key Advantages

Centralized Monitoring

Better Visibility

Improved Accountability

Power Optimization

Cost Optimization

360 Degree Visibility

Customer Satisfaction

Excess Voltage Alerts


Hypernet platform showcase what enterprise customers can achieve with Hypernet Platform. Each solution is built end-to-end by leveraging the Hypernet Toolset.